We searched high, we searched low and we finally found the perfect place to call our home… (well work-home).

studio entrance

Welcome to our new studio located at Albyn Works in the vibrant and bustling Kelham Island area of Sheffield. Albyn Works is a heritage building, home to an eclectic mix of independent and boutique businesses including local bands, antiques and the famous The Sheffield Brewery Co..

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We’re delighted and excited to work from this unique location and are lucky enough to have some amazing independent businesses right on our doorstep, including lots of excellent eateries; great for a ‘cake and brew break’ or a crafty pint and/or sneaky gin – after work of course!

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A little bit of history

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Joseph Pickering, the son of a Sheffield silversmith, built Albyn Works in the mid-1800s when his current building was damaged in the Great Sheffield Flood. He made various polishing pastes for the burgeoning cutlery trade, but it was the launch of the famous Blanco polish for the military that put Albyn Works on the map. Delving deep into Sheffield Libraries archives, Blanco has been described as:

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“A preparation for whitening military equipments, tennis and cricket shoes, white helmets, hunting gear, breeches, gloves, whip thongs, girths and all articles of buff or buckskin leather.”

Keetley Creative are proud to be part of Albyn Works history and look forward to the exciting new projects to come.

If you have a new project in mind and would like to see how we can help, please get in touch, or better still, pay us a visit – see our map