I was delighted to have been invited along to Timber Tots Woodland School taster sessions after being approached by founder Katie, who was looking for a company logo and branding for their forth-coming launch.

I am a great believer in getting your hands dirty and there’s no better way to get a feel for a company and their ethos than getting involved and hands on.

As a group we explored a series of activities that had been set up at the Woodland School headquarters, Woodlane Countryside Centre on the outskirts of Sheffield. Activities involved mud making, mud kitchen, water pouring station, den making and art and crafts using the things we found around the centre’s gardens.

It was great to receive first hand experience of the children exploring and creating their own adventures. After a bit of mud pie making and story telling around the camp fire, it was time for me to head off and make a start on the Timber Tot’s Woodland School logo and branding design.

The logo incorporated the colours of the outdoors through the seasons and the branding involved hand-prints, pine-cones butterflies and leaves.

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